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Recuperation Warszawa

Recuperation means comfort, savings and fresh air.

A recuperator, HRU (Heat Recovery Unit) is a ventilation unit with heat recovery that reduces heat losses from ventilation (which accounts for 30-40% of the total heat loss in a building) by up to 95% through countercurrent heat exchangers located in the unit. From January 1, 2020 recuperation is mandatory in every newly built house.

How it works?

Recuperators filter the air taken in, ensuring its high quality, which has a positive effect on our health and well-being. Recuperation is the best alternative for houses with gravity ventilation (with a chimney). It allows to eliminate the biggest disadvantages of this solution, such as ventilation problems in spring and summer, high CO2 levels or the need to open windows to effectively replace the air.

What we offer

We install modern, very quiet and energy-saving heat recovery units from a renowned Polish manufacturer - Thessla Green.

They are characterized by high quality, reliability and very low operating costs (two-stage filters are available from PLN 100 per set).

  • Save energy by recovering heat from ventilation, caring for our environment at the same time
  • Provide yourself with healthy and clean air throughout the year

We provide comprehensive support for obtaining subsidies for renewable energy installations

  • We take care of all formalities related to obtaining a subsidy
  • You do not need your own funds, the grant may be paid directly to us

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