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Photovoltaics Warsaw

Use solar energy to provide yourself free energy for your home or business.

Photovoltaic cells (solar cells, solar panels) are the most environmentally friendly method of obtaining electricity.

How it works?

Photo cells convert the free solar energy into direct current (DC), which then goes to the inverter - this key component of your installation converts direct current to alternating current (AC), suited to your electrical network (~230V or ~400V). Reliability, safety and maximum efficiency of the conversion of direct current to alternating current are the most important criteria for selecting an appropriate solution.

What we offer

We install only reliable European inverters from manufacturers such as: SMA, KACO, ABB, Fronius, which guarantees our customers the quality, efficiency and reliability of their own photovoltaic installations.

We use only the highest quality cells from top manufacturers. The appropriate solution is selected individually for each project in order to optimize the efficiency of the installation and its cost.

  • Provide free energy for your home or  business
  • Enjoy long-term savings on electricity bills
  • Acquire electricity without burdening the environment
  • The power of the installation adjusted to your needs, in conjunction with the heat pump will drop your bills for electricity, heating, utility hot water and cooling to almost zero.

We provide comprehensive support for obtaining subsidies for renewable energy installations

  • We take care of all formalities related to obtaining a subsidy
  • You do not need your own funds, the grant may be paid directly to us

Contact us

We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you in choosing the ideal solution