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Heat pumps Warsaw

Heat pumps are heating and cooling units, which acquire heat from earth, air or water.

With this solution you will:

  • heat your building
  • cool it down on hot days
  • ensure hot utility water
  • reduce your negative impact on the environment

Ground source heat pumps

Gruntowa pompa ciepła Warszawa

The borehole heat pump system is the most often chosen by our customers. In our installations, we use Swedish solutions from the Thermia brand (previously Danfoss). We chose this manufacturer due to highest reliability, efficiency and innovation of these systems produced since 1923. Swedish ground source heat pumps, which are designed for harsh winter conditions in Scandinavia, perform perfectly in our milder climate. Inverter technology means savings and smooth adjustment of power to your needs. The use of a Mouvitech turbo collector will additionally increase the heat yield by 10-15% compared to standard solutions.

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are the best solution where there is no possibility of using other sources of heat than air. They are also used when we have a smaller investment budget. Air source heat pumps use more electricity than ground source heat pumps, but are more energy efficient compared to other conventional heat sources (gas, oil, coal, electricity). We install air heat pumps from Japanese producer - Daikin. We chose this manufacturer because of the almost 100 years of experience in making refrigerants, own heat pump compressor and constant innovation. All Daikin heat pumps are manufactured in Europe, and Daikin's extensive service network in Poland provides support at the highest level.

A heat pump powered by a photovoltaic system can provide free heating and cooling all year round.

What we offer

Our priority is a thorough analysis of the installation site, so that we are able to offer energy-efficient solutions utilizing the full potential of the available renewable energy sources.

Such holistic approach allows us to effectively use the synergy of RES and minimize heating costs, while ensuring the greatest possible economic benefit.

  • Renewable energy sources provide long-term financial savings while reducing negative impact on the environment.
  • A heat pump powered by a photovoltaic system can provide free heating and cooling all year round.
  • Professionally made installation will be a source of your heat for up to 30 years.

We provide comprehensive support for obtaining subsidies for renewable energy installations

  • We take care of all formalities related to obtaining a subsidy
  • You do not need your own funds, the grant may be paid directly to us

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