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We specialize in comprehensive service of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) installations. Eco Synergia over 11 years of its operation has grown into one of the largest RES installation companies in Pomerania. So far, we have completed over 1000 installations in homes, public bulidings and commercial facilities.

Since 2019, we have expanded our business and we also operate in Warsaw and the surrounding areas.

We offer a comprehensive service

From signing the contract until the completion of the implementation. We will help you at every stage, from analysis, through design, installation and subsequent maintenance.

Efficient operation is ensured by a long-term warranty from reputable manufacturers, and additional control is provided by access to the service network operating in your area.

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  • We provide comprehensive advice on selecting the optimal solutions
  • We prepare subsidies applications and deal with formalities
  • We use non-invasive installation methods
  • We protect the environment

Our realizations

Technologies of the highest quality

To create optimal systems we use innovative solutions and knowledge of our specialists.

We cooperate with renowned manufacturers of devices which are characterized by long-term performance and durability.

We are official representatives of Thermia (previously Danfoss), Daikin and Thessla Green.

Our services

We invite you to read the details of the solutions we provide


Continuous improvement of qualifications is our recipe for success.

Renewable Energy Sources are a dynamically developing technology, and we grow with it.

You are looking for renewable energy installer in the Tri-City and the surrounding area?

Visit and contact our branch in Pomerania

ECO Synergia Sp. z o. o. – Tricity
ul. Gdyńska 76 | 80-209 Chwaszczyno
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